NFT.NYC 2022

Aman Johar NFT.NYC Panel

NFT.NYC 2022

It may have been weeks already since NFT.NYC 2022, but the energy and optimism we witnessed at Times Square continue to fuel us in the days following the event.  NFT.NYC was a venue for creating new connections that presented multiple opportunities for collaboration with various companies in the NFT space.   The NFT Brewery has been very busy re-connecting and establishing partnerships with a new network of innovators and future change-makers who we met at the Big Apple, notably our friends at Checkout, Ripple, Ticketmaster, Magic and others.  Hence, a post a bit later than most.

With over 15,000 attendees, 1,500 speakers, a hundred venues and side-events, it is impossible not to learn a thing or two from the NFT industry thought leaders, influencers, and practitioners.  Observing the booths and sometimes extravagant displays from NFT adopters throughout various industries, and listening to the speakers, we are seeing that NFTs are settling into many use cases including music, arts, sports, entertainment, fashion, ticketing, and others.  

NFTs are finally also being used beyond non-utility based investments: NFTs that provide real world values.  There are plenty of innovative methods that companies and brands can utilize NFTs to engage their fans and loyal customers.  A solid NFT product strategy will be essential for continued success.

Aman Johar NFTNYC Panel
NFT Brewery and Ripple
NFT Brewery and Ticketmaster
NFT Brewery and Polygon Studios


There were a lot of good signs that web 3.0 and NFTs are slowly but surely entering mainstream.  There will be great demand for a robust and reliable NFT infrastructure.  “The future of NFT depends on design and how we build for longevity!” was one key take-away we received from an attendee, after listening to our co-founder,  Aman Johar, talk about “Utilizing NFTs to incorporate your following into the fabric of your content’s narrative” on-stage. 

Aman emphasized that NFTs are the building blocks of the Metaverse and will be leveraged by creative marketers in a variety of forms. Most NFTs may not have any monetary value in secondary markets, but may serve as a primary record of provenance for example as a Proof of Excellence, a ticket stub, or a credential, or as a use and throw asset for a game. The possibilities are endless. However to capture them, the infrastructure has to be seamless and user experience should be agnostic of the protocols, standards, storage mechanisms etc. that make blockchains complicated today. To overcome these, The NFT Brewery provides a single API suite for businesses to lay the foundations for their Web3 and Metaverse strategies.  

While mainstream media was focusing on the bear market that this industry is currently in, NFT.NYC 2022 organizers and attendees are focusing on building for a wide adoption of NFTs, while keeping the celebratory sentiments and energy high!

Key Takeaways:

  1. The crypto winter may be oversold – devs are continuing to create exciting new products and solutions
  2. The NFT Brewery is creating magical infrastructure to fill a big void in the space – a single set of APIs to lay the foundations for any business to play in Web3 and the Metaverse
  3. This space is fragmented along tech, business, geographic and regulatory models. Brands need to partner to execute their strategies to the fullest.