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Alternative Assets

Every physical asset that can be represented digitally will be tokenized

Revolutionize asset ownership by converting real-world assets into digital tokens, unlocking liquidity, accessibility, and investment opportunities.

With Web3, bridging traditional and digital worlds, empowers individuals to participate in exclusive asset classes, previously inaccessible to them. Tokenization enhances transparency, lowers barriers for ownership, and creates a new era of asset management.

Embrace the future of finance and unlock the potential of tokenizing real-world assets, revolutionizing the way we invest, trade, and experience the world of alternative assets.

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Break boundaries to unlock new horizons

Embrace digital transformation to create and monetize  alternative assets

  • Tokenize real-world assets, such as real estate, art, and carbon credits. Bring transparency to otherwise opaque markets, increase liquidity, enable price discovery and seamless trading on marketplaces.

  • Tokenization enables investors to diversify their portfolios, trade smaller portions of assets, and unlock value that was previously locked in illiquid investments – such a Hollywood slates, or carbon credits. 

  • Blockchain technology brings transparency to alternative asset markets. Immutable and auditable transaction records ensure trust and reduce fraud. This transparency is particularly crucial for assets like carbon credits, where verifiable and trustworthy data is essential for preventing fraud and measuring environmental impact. 

  • Unlock investment opportunities for a broader spectrum of participants. Tokenize and further fractionalize ownership to enable investors, regardless of their size, to engage in traditionally exclusive asset classes. Ideal for renewable energy companies, socially responsible funds, and sustainable agriculture projects that are paving the way for alternative asset classes. 

  • Introduce decentralized autonomous organizations (DAOs) that leverage smart contracts for automated governance and decision-making. DAOs provide a transparent and inclusive framework for managing alternative assets, allowing stakeholders to actively participate in the asset’s governance and direction.

Our infrastructure provides the easiest way for companies to unlock value from their assets and realize a positive financial return


Reliable infrastructure

Tokenize real-world assets effortlessly with The Brewery’s Logicware. Leverage the power of smart contracts, and decentralized infrastructure to define and create your assets, digitize them, unlock liquidity, and unlock revenue and financial opportunities not available with traditional asset management.


Interoperable identity 

Interoperable identity is essential for tokenizing real-world assets. Aura ensures secure ownership verification, establishes trust, and enables seamless transfer of ownership across blockchain networks, unlocking the full potential of tokenized assets.

What can be tokenized?

Realize the potential of tokenization with these examples of real-world assets that can be transformed into digital tokens. From real estate and fine art to carbon credits and intellectual property, we are working at the cutting edge of technology that revolutionizes ownership and investment opportunities.

Carbon Credits

Transform carbon credits into digital tokens, facilitating transparent trading and incentivizing sustainable practices.


Tokenize artwork, enabling fractional ownership and creating new opportunities for art investors.

Intellectual Property

Digitize patents, copyrights, and trademarks, allowing for easier licensing and revenue sharing.


Tokenize commodities like precious metals, oil, and agricultural products, enabling fractional trading and diversification.

Infrastructure Projects

Tokenize infrastructure projects, allowing investors to participate in large-scale developments and share in their potential returns.

Real Estate

Register real estate deeds on chain and enable easier transactions. Or, fractionalize property ownership, making real estate investments more accessible and liquid.

Carbon Credits Registry @CarbonCX

The world of carbon emissions can be confusing, complicated, and sometimes even contradictory. Climate change is the greatest existential threat in a generation, and it is for all of our benefit to not only ensure that efforts to combat climate change are effective, but that we must also create tools to help make participation in emission reductions easy, straightforward to understand, and completely transparent for all to see.

CarbonCX is a platform to record, report, and retire carbon insets for your corporate emissions reduction efforts. Present easy-to-understand carbon insets to those customers concerned with their Scope 3 emissions, or stakeholders who want to ensure honest and ethical business practices for ESG purposes. 



Work with us to monetize your digital assets