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The Easiest Way For Companies to Enable NFTs

The NFT Brewery provides a comprehensive set of APIs that make it simple to mint, sell, auction, and do everything else you want to do with NFTs

Start Building And Testing With Our APIs For NFTs

The NFT Brewery – Brewing NFT Experiences

We Build With Trusted and Reliable Partners

Featured Partner

Featured Partner

Polygon Studios

“It is critical for Polygon Studios to support startups like The NFT Brewery to fulfill Polygon’s mission to bring millions of people to Web3.”

Infrastructure partners:


...and provide the expertise for companies to boldly embrace Web3 technology

Use our APIs and SDKs to abstract away the complexity of working with blockchain technology. 

The NFT Brewery – Brewing NFT Experiences

Comply With Regulations

Comply with financial regulations with KYC and AML checks

For everything to do with NFTs we have corresponding APIs and SDKs


Create one of a kind, or a unique collection of digital assets recorded on the blockchain. Marketeers love this. 


More options? Easily add limited editions to your unique collectibles and make them available to your community. Artists love this


Secure a royalty payment for secondary sales of your asset or split them amongst your creative team. Great for recurring revenue. 


The coolest marketing campaigns are all going to be powered by NFTs. Get ahead of the game and reward your loyal community. 

Giving Creators and Developers the flexibility for cross chain operations

Get Started with the NFT Brewery with a few clicks and scale as you do more

The NFT Brewery – Brewing NFT Experiences
  • Choose your blockchain 

  • Deploy your own smart contracts

  • Add images, metadata and attributes

  • Secure your IP and add token gated content

  • Create recurring revenue streams with royalty payments

  • List on your own marketplace 

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Use Case | Gaming

Create new EXPERIENCES to engage a new generation

The NFT Brewery – Brewing NFT Experiences






Create millions of NFTs for artifacts used in the gaming environment at the flick of a button. 

Create dynamic NFTs that evolve as gamers progress with their skill levels. 

Compose NFTs by combining with other NFTs and empower your users to do more. 

Play-2-Earn. Simple. We’ve got you covered. 

And yes, make it easy to transact with credit and debit cards. 

Use Case | Creators

Arts, Music, Videos, Books, Digital Goods and Much Much More

  • Create unique pieces of digital art or create limited editions of them. 

  • Explore Any digital medium – music, videos, AR/VR, 3D, the written word, or physical art backed by a digital token. The possibilities are endless. 

  • Showcase your galleries within your own domains and craft your own interactive experiences.

  • Program your own royalty payouts and earn recurring revenue for every secondary sale 

The NFT Brewery – Brewing NFT Experiences
The NFT Brewery – Brewing NFT Experiences

Use Case | Collectibles

Mint digital goods, program scarcity, add utility, or access controls

Create NFTs for just about anything

Next, create a world of exciting benefits and privileges attached to the NFT.

NFTs for Events

NFTs as tickets
NFTs as memorabilia
NFTs as merchandise
NFTs for VIP experiences

NFTs provide a new revenue opportunity to monetize your trove of historic content. 

The NFT Brewery – Brewing NFT Experiences

Use Case | Metaverse

The real world is not going away. Bridge it to the Digital.

The NFT Brewery – Brewing NFT Experiences
  • Your physical world delivered in 3D with AR and VR enhancements.

  • Real estate and its virtual representations

  • Tie your physical ownership to an NFT for fashion, wearables and luxury goods. 

We are just getting started. The use cases are endless

Financial Instruments and Liquidity Pools

Financial derivatives

NFTs as collateral for DeFi

Fractional ownership of assets

Revel in the world of NFTs with your custom marketplace

Attract and retain your customers within your own ecosystem and web properties