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a web3 wallet and identity

Create a direct 1:1 relationship with your customers with a unified and secure web3 identity, empowering seamless connectivity across diverse applications

Integrate directly with traditional web2 or emerging web3 applications and user profiles to enable commercial transactions and interoperate with your larger ecosystem of partners. 

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A portable identity for everyone redefining convenience, with in-built security and privacy

AURA offers a range of powerful features that make it the ideal identity solution for managing identity in the web3 world

  • Seamless connectivity: AURA makes it easy to connect to web3 applications. Simply sign in with an SSO or SAML and AURA does the rest
  • Decentralized: AURA creates a decentralized ID (DID) for your users. Deploy DIDs with ease to give your users the freedom from remembering passwords or their private keys
  • Privacy by default: AURA gives users control over their data. They can choose to share with specific applications, or keep it restricted

A digital first identity for a digital native generation

Aura is ideal for businesses who want a secure and convenient way to manage their users across various web3 applications. Whether you’re a retail brand, gaming company, marketplace, or a DeFi platform, Aura provides a seamless solution for web3 identity management for your users.

Create one identity across all brand properties

Onboard Easily onboard all users across the ecosystem

Engage analyze behavior and channel resources

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Brands and Retail

Engage consumers in the communities that they are already a part of and help them express their community membership by aligning with your brand.

AURA is the perfect solution that enables rapid growth with low marketing investment, provides high return on investment at a low risk, and encourages storytelling with digital engagement in an energized community. 


AURA connects artists, entertainers, sports teams and leagues with their most valuable assets – FANS.

As fans engage with digital assets and transactions will be processed via online channels, a single identity and payments wallet provides the capability to adapt and quickly test new fan engagement strategies. 

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Gaming is fundamentally human and creates strong communities irrespective of geographies. Gaming in a tech sense is a complex ecosystem of tools to come together and function as one cohesive user friendly unit.
AURA makes it easy to connect to gaming applications, create unique experiences, reward high achievements, and solve the most complex transactional problems facing game developers – in game monetization. 

Financial Services

Web3 applications are disrupting all industries, and this is giving rise to new asset classes, for both spot and derivative trading.
AURA gives you the peace of mind that your applications can handle both the  tokenization of physical assets as well as the issuance, trading, transfer, and retirement of alternative asset classes such as carbon credits. 
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Web3 Identity is a must for enhanced security and privacy

aura, wallet and identity, nft brewery
  • Users can use the same digital identity across different Web3 applications and platforms. This simplifies the process of logging in and using different services. 

  • With Aura, users have more control over their identity data. They can easily delegate and revoke access to their data at any time. 

  • Each business on the AURA wallet and identity architecture can interoperate with their existing applications for user management.  This means that users can use their identity data across different applications and platforms, and also across your business ecosystem. 

  • Decentralized IDs are unique identifiers that are stored on a blockchain and are controlled by the user. This means that users can own and control their own identity data, and they can share it with different applications and platforms as they see fit. Aura DIDs conform to W3 standards. 

  • Users can keep their personal information private. They only need to share the information that is necessary to use a particular application, service or access an ecosystem. 

Get AURA to supercharge your web3 experiences