NFT Brewery and Saga Strategic Partnership

The NFT Brewery Saga

Saga is pleased to announce a partnership with The NFT Brewery™, a Web3 startup that is focused on making it as easy as possible for enterprises and businesses to enable NFTs for their communities. NFT Brewery provides a comprehensive set of APIs that make it simple to mint, sell, auction, and do everything else that one may want to do with NFTs. They have partnered with other great infrastructure providers in the space, and focus on three major markets: sports and entertainment, brands and retail, and financial assets.

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About NFT Brewery and the Saga Innovator Program

Saga is building Web3 infrastructure solutions to enable developers to build applications with their own dedicated blockspace. Dedicated blockspace ensures high throughput, no dependencies on other applications using Saga, easy upgradability and congestion relief. In addition, gas fees for infrastructure remain predictable and are by default hidden from the end user, allowing developers to use any token or currency for their applications. The automated deployment of dedicated blockspace will be secured via interchain security by the same set of validators that underlie the Saga mainnet.

NFT Brewery enables many use-cases such as gaming. For example, NFT Brewery’s middleware solution can be used to create millions of NFTs for artifacts used in a gaming environment at the flick of a button. One can create dynamic NFTs that evolve as gamers progress with their skill levels. Additionally, NFTs can be combined with other NFTs to compose new user experiences. . In the retail space, The NFT Brewery partnered with a leading luxury brand to increase their fan engagement 5x compared to traditional marketing. For another customer, NFTB is creating decentralized IDs to merge various loyalty programs together into one platform. Their solutions make it easy to transact with fiat and remove the complexity of key management, both for the businesses and their users, allowing businesses to focus on the utility of their NFTs and in-game assets to better engage with their community. .

NFT Brewery will be exploring Saga and our chainlet infrastructure and working with our other innovators on NFT solutions.

In Their Own Words

“Chainlets are a fantastic idea to deploy application specific block space. We expect enterprises to gravitate over to this idea as they start to embrace web3 solutions.” Amanjyot Johar, Co-founder, NFT Brewery

“You never want an NFT drop to feel like a tree falling in the forest. A comprehensive middleware and asset management platform like NFT Brewery are essential to the success of any NFT project, and we’re thrilled to have them in our Innovator Program!” Rebecca Liao, Co-Founder & CEO, Saga.

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