The NFT Brewery and Intel | Enhancing The Fan Experience

The NFT Brewery and Intel along with IIFX are enhancing the fan experience by bringing Web3 and NFT experiences to the sports and entertainment markets. 

As a founding partner of the IIFX Xperience Consortium, The NFT Brewery has been deeply involved in crafting fan experiences for the digital age. Together, with Intel, Dell, NTT, JCI, Genetech, Microsoft, and Axis we are collaborating with sports and entertainment venues and creators to bring memory-making fan experiences to life.   

Sports and entertainment events have always been about the fans. From nationally televised annual championship and specialty events to regionally important games of the week and concerts, fans gather to celebrate elite performers and to create memories they revisit for years. Fans are there for the spectacle and for the experience. 

NFT Brewery and Intel, IIFXIIFX is the leading and most trusted global authority on providing exceptional fan experiences for the sports and entertainment industries. The NFT Brewery and Intel understand that fan experiences are dynamic and change depending on the event itself. Gen-Z fans are digital-first and have different expectations when going to a sports event versus a musical concert. We believe that venues will provide the perfect space for the intersection of physical and digital environments where fans interact with celebrities, teams, and friends at the venue or those watching the event remotely.

As such, The NFT Brewery is empowering businesses to develop and deploy innovative products built with Web3 technology, loosely referred to as computing applications built on blockchain technology. Solutions such as non-fungible tokens (NFTs) are enabling a much closer relationship between the fans and the performers. For example, these NFTs can be collectible offerings for fans, creating new monetization paths. A venue’s digital twin, a digital replica of the physical space, can serve as its own Metaverse, providing fans with a complete digital experience with augmented and virtual reality screens and games to incentivize participation and create a community that evolves over a period of time. The NFT Brewery caters to an ever-expansive set of use cases that are easily adapted to local requirements by the venues to provide an enriched fan experience.

Stay tuned for the final eBook launching July 20, 2022.