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NFT marketplace

Non-fungible tokens or NFTs have created infinite possibilities in almost every experience imaginable. NFTs can be digital collectibles. Or provide fractional ownership in an asset. Or a digital equivalent of a physical product. Or simply a one-to-one connection between a creator and their fans. This is all possible today with NFTs that can be sold or traded on a NFT marketplace. Not having a digital twin for a physical asset may be a must. may seem to be an alienating experience to the next generation of consumers.

Brands, creators and agencies working to have a presence in the Web3 universe need to develop an understanding of how they can play in this market. The technology moves so fast that it is hard for larger companies to adapt themselves in the short window of opportunity. Therefore flexibility is key. With an overall market opportunity between $300 – 400B in the next three years, the Metaworld (or metaverse, or the M-world) is an attractive place to do business. 


Web3 marketplaces do not quite resemble their web2 counterparts – except that functionally they are designed to connect buyers and sellers of digital goods. That’s where the similarity ends. Minting an NFT and putting a one off digital asset for sale is a no brainer – but doing it at scale is a hard problem to solve for. The complexities multiply with every decision step that a business has. to take all along the lifecycle of the digital asset – from the provenance to the eventual consumption. Careful consideration must be given to aspects of smart contracts, revenue sharing, IP rights etc. the long tail of monetization of NFTs means revenue leakage must be prevented. 

Today, limited infrastructure exists to support the fast growing Web3 ecosystem. Until now. The NFT Brewery is making it simple for businesses and enterprises to integrate NFTs within their existing workflows and infrastructure. Our APIs allow engineers and developers to build solutions that extend their current reach, attract a new generation of fans and engage with them on a one on one basis. 

Furthermore, our solutions allow for cross blockchain interoperability and our customers can chose specific blockchains to enable specific use cases. Currently, we support Ethereum, Polygon, Avalanche and Solana. NFT offerings utilize a lot of creative assets, which may be critically important to a brand’s IP strategy. As such, we make it easy for companies to store their assets (centralized on a cloud or decentralized with IPFS or Arweave) where they are protected from unwarranted plagiarism and theft. Along with protecting IP rights, our smart contracts can stop revenue leakage in the long tail as these assets are traded in secondary markets. By focusing on primary asset creation, The NFT Brewery marketplace provides our customers with complete control over the lifecycle of the assets themselves. 

And best of all, our solutions are delivered as APIs that abstract out all the complexity and allow any web developer to easily work towards creating the solutions that directly engage their customers and add value to their ecosystem.