Minting NFTs With The NFT Brewery

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Minting NFTs with The NFT Brewery

Today’s dominant non-fungible token (NFT) marketplaces are built with a single goal in mind – encourage open speculation on the price of digital assets and are built to create FOMO around the availability of these assets. As these platforms have grown, so do the network effects for new projects to leverage. However, it is not too early to say that most projects have no intrinsic value – for how can they, if they were only designed with speculation in mind. Once cannot create after the fact utility for a speculative asset. 

The value of an NFT flows downstream from the primary mint. Therefore it is important to think about the lifecycle of the NFT itself.

Minting NFTs, verzuz

Each conversation with our customers is unique and there is no one single pathway for the primary creation or minting of NFTs – for example, one of our customers Triller provides for a variety of  use cases for their NFTs – ranging from a unique one off mint for an iconic art piece, to airdrops of thousands of NFTs for a curated list of their fans. Another customer, Wakanomy is focused on enforcing secondary market royalties for musicians that mint NFTs using our technology. 

Triller had a significant presence at Art Basel in Miami, Dec 2021. As part of their brand introduction, they launched several collections including the iconic art of Jean-Michel Basquiat. The NFTs were released during Basquiat’s historic week-long exhibition — curated by The Bishop Gallery and hosted by Triller.

Another customer, Liveplex is focused on using NFTs to curate fan experiences on behalf of celebrities and using them as a currency for engagement. 

The NFT Brewery’s lazy minting features provide unique ways for our customers to create NFT marketplaces where all transaction activity can be handled Web2 style within their existing workflows. Most creators or end users should never have to worry about the complexity of blockchain and wallets, and this provides them with an easy way to participate in the creator economy.